PUBP 1101-American Government (Fall 2019)
Keeping the Republic, 8th Brief Edition or later (with Georgia State Profile) by Christine Barbour and Gerald C. Wright (any edition published 2013 onwards)

PUBP 8530–Advanced S&T Policy¬† (Fall 2019)
The Politics of Innovation (2016) by Mark Zachary Taylor

The Lever of Riches (1990) by Joel Mokyr

All Courses Taught:
-American Government (PUBP 1101; INTA 1200)
-Advanced S&T Policy (PUBP 8530)
-Empirical Research Methods (INTA 6003)
-Globalization (PUBP 4813; INTA 6306)
-Innovation and the State (INTA 6740)
-International Political Economy (INTA 3301)
-IPE Senior Seminar (INTA 4740)
-IPE Senior Thesis (INTA 4741)
-PhD Seminar (INTA 8010)
-South America IPE & Study Abroad (INTA 4241)
-U.S. Foreign Policy (INTA 3110)

General Readings for Students:

My Regressions Primer